The years 1980 – 1989

Expansion worldwide

At the beginning of the 1980s, the automobile electrics sector was sold and a manufacturing plant established in Great Britain. Four years later, the second construction stage of Plant 2 in Espelkamp began.

In 1983, flat cable connector production was set up in Biel, the Swiss watchmaking centre, a production building was erected, and two years later was enlarged with another construction stage.

In 1986, HARTING developed, produced and distributed the first electric outdoor vending machines, called “Semtron“.

In March 1987, Margrit Harting became managing director of the GmbH. In 1987, a combination connector, “Han Com“, was developed, which contained both electronic and power contacts.

The pièce de résistance in 1988 was the Canteen created in what used to be a Labour Service hut. There, guests and staff were given a particularly stylish reception, and now it also gives all employees a pleasant atmosphere for their lunch break on the site of the main plant in Espelkamp.

On 3rd April 1989, Marie Harting died. Together with her husband and sons, she had shaped the company's fortunes

with her commitment, far-sightedness, wisdom and devotion.