The years 1959 – 1969

The company founder

In 1957 Wilhelm Harting founded the “Picker & Harting GmbH“ factory for X-ray equipment together with the proprietor of the well-known American company. The production range comprised manufacture of the successful Picker X-ray apparatus and diagnostic units, as well as electromedical diathermy units from HARTING.

Another branch of production was added, which was to be of decisive importance for the company's growth. “Electromechanical and electromagnetic components“ became known for high quality in expert circles. In 1959, HARTING became the first European company to produce electric cigarette vending machines. At the beginning of the 1960s, HARTING had thus started specialising in electromagnetic devices (lifting, turning and control solenoids), a wide but scarcely exploited field at that time.

When Wilhelm Harting died in 1962, his company already employed more than 700 staff. After the death of her husband, Marie Harting took over management of the company, which she ran successfully and single-mindedly. Five years later, she received support from her own family when her son Dietmar joined the company, followed by his brother Jürgen two years later. Dietmar Harting, having graduated in Business Administration (“Diplomkaufmann“), took responsibility for commercial matters, whilst his brother Jürgen managed the entire technical side of the business up to his early death in 1973 at the age of only 32.