The years 1950 – 1958

Products, plants

In 1950 HARTING, now with a staff of 180, moved to the flourishing refugee settlement of Espelkamp. Wilhelm Harting – Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Plant, Danziger Strasse, Espelkamp-Mittwald, was the new company address.

Several former ammunition stores provided premises while a modern plant covering an area of 50,000 sq. m was being built in stages. High-performance drilling and grinding machines, punching machines, turning lathes and turret lathes, guillotine shears, presses etc. were installed.

During these years – the era of enthusiasm for technology – there was already a market for a little luxury. In 1954, Wilhelm Harting was commissioned to build a jukebox. Subsequently, production of gramophones and portable record players began. In addition, he surprised the market and his customers with the 12-record changer, while 1957 saw production of the first electromedical diathermy units.