The years 1945 – 1949

Products, employees, plants

On 1st September 1945, Wilhelm and Marie Harting established the company, “Wilhelm Harting Mechanische Werkstätten“. (photo right side)

A small hall measuring around 100 sq. m in a repair workshop in the town of Minden became the company premises.

The production range mainly consisted of basic necessities such as energy-saving light bulbs, much sought-after hotplates, electric lighters, twin-plate electric cookers and irons.

The size and number of orders increased steadily, as did the workforce, which grew to 40 within two years. By then, the available production space was no longer adequate.

Consequently, in 1947, HARTING with its entire staff moved to the former military hospital for horses at the Simeon Barracks in Minden (photo left side). There the company kept growing and the plant expanded continuously. A laboratory, test workshop and design office were set up.