The history of Han® Connectors

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The success story of the Han® connectors began in the middle of the last century. In 1945, the young engineer Wilhelm Harting, born in 1908, and his wife founded their "Mechanical workshops" in Minden, Germany.

In the early post-war years, the company produced articles for daily use such as cooking plates, energy-saving lamps and electric irons.

However, the young businessman soon caught up with the demands and needs of the ascending German industry for innovative technical products. This included primarily connectors which American and German companies developed primarily for military applications during the war. Based on his experience in production management in the aeronautical industry, Harting clearly perceived the advantages of the connectors and their potential for development.

In 1950, Wilhelm Harting relocated his business to the neighboring town of Espelkamp. At the new site he started to consult his own engineering team, experts from local tooling machine industry and of automotive industry and submitted his ideas on connectors for feasibility testing. This resulted in several pilot projects for the automotive industry and machine tool manufacturers using existing, previously modified connectors. Harting had a conception of connectors with rugged design and easy handling properties. However, his primary objective was to develop and offer a diversified and universal connector type of particularly high performance for all application areas. To this effect, Harting increased the number of contact pins, replaced the previous contact technology with male and female plug-in contacts and expanded termination technology with screw-type and crimp techniques. The voltage loads of 220/30 V AC were oriented to German VDE regulations.

The test series proved successful, with quality and reliability of the connection solutions meeting all the respective demands. The Han® connector celebrated its premiere in a most convincing manner. 

The new product made by HARTING soon set out to conquer the world markets. Since that time, the product range has undergone continuous updates, enhancements and expansions to meet additional requirements, proving its reliability and extraordinary quality standards even in most extreme conditions. Thanks to its ultra-modern large-scale production system HARTING is able to meet all demands on the world markets. 

This scenario provides the optimum conditions for the worldwide deployment of Han® connectors and underscores their virtually universal application potential.